GT9147 PDF Datasheet – Capacitive Touch Controller

Part Number: GT9147

Function: Capacitive Touch Controller

Package: QFN 5×5 40 Pin Type

Manufacturer: GOODIX


GT9147 datasheet pinout


GT9147 adopts the latest capacitance detection technology and built-in high-performance micro-signal detection circuit, which can solve LCD interference and common mode interference problems well. In terms of software algorithm, it is specially designed based on the electrical environment of single-layer mutual capacitance, which can support 5-point touch. At the same time supports HotKnot function GT9147 can identify the real-time accurate position, movement track and touch area of 5 touch points at the same time. And according to the needs of the main control, the touch information of the corresponding points can be read.


1. Built-in capacitance detection circuit and high-performance MPU

2. Touch scan frequency: 100Hz

3. Real-time output of touch point coordinates

4. Unified software version is suitable for capacitive screens of various sizes

5. Single power supply, built-in 1.8V LDO

6. HotKnot function

7. Capacitive screen sensor

8. Detection channel: 18 (drive channel)*10 (sensing channel)

GT9147 Datasheet