GX-F12A PDF – Inductive Proximity Sensor ( Datasheet )

An inductive proximity sensor is a type of sensor used in industrial automation and control systems to detect the presence or absence of metallic objects without physical contact. These sensors work on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Part Number: GX-F12A

Function: Inductive Proximity Sensor

Manufacturer: Omron


GX-F12A datasheet


The GX-F12A is Rectangular-shaped Inductive Proximity Sensor. The sensor consists of an oscillator circuit that generates a high-frequency electromagnetic field around the sensing face. This oscillator usually consists of a coil that generates the alternating current.

Inductive proximity sensors have several advantages, such as non-contact operation, high reliability, long service life, and resistance to environmental factors like dust, dirt, and moisture. They are commonly used in various industrial applications, including object detection, position sensing, and automation tasks.

GX-F/H SERIES Related Information Amplifier Built-in General terms and conditions F-17 Glossary of terms P.1386~ Sensor selection guide.. P.757~ General precautions.. P.1405 Conforming to EMC Directive panasonic-electric-works.net/sunx SUNX website http://www.sunx.com PNP output Oil resistant type available Different freq. type available Industry No. 1- in stable sensing Can be installed with ample space * Based on research conducted by Panasonic Electric Works SUNX as of August 2010 among equivalent rectangular inductive sensors. This sensor has the longest stable sensing range among the same level of rectangular inductive proximity sensors in the industry. It is easy to install the sensor. Long sensing range Selection Guide Amplifier Built-in Amplifierseparated – With standard sensing object Variation at the maximum operation distance is within ±8 % Thorough adjustment and control of sensing sensitivity greatly reduces individual sensor differences and variations. The work of adjusting sensor positions when using multiple sensors and when sensors have been replaced is much easier.  [ … ]

GX-F12A pdf sensor

GX-F12A PDF Datasheet