HBT-00-04G PDF – Program TV, Polytron IC, HBT0004G

Part Number: HBT-00-04G

Function: Program TV, Polytron IC

Package: DIP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ETC


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HBT-00-04G image

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WARNING! SAFETY COMPONENTS MARKED WITH MUST BE REPLACED WITH ORIGINAL OR APPROVED COMPONENT ONLY. J506 3 D IC501 STP9NK65-ZFP 5 S T507 C1815Y R527 0W5 100R C518 Q +10V R507 R501 22K C531 330p 1KV D502 HER305 7 15 220R C529 2n7 R505 JF201 C502 470u 16V +11V D523 1N4148 3 14 470K C528 220p IC504 KA431A 2 1 R544 100K J507 R508 10R R509 560R D506 8V2 D507 BAS216 R510 15R R511 R543 18K 1% R542 100K 1% C503 1000u 16V R503 100K 1% 680R D509 5V6 T504 SC2328 T503 KTD882 T502 C2328A +5VD J510 C509 100u 16V C510 10u 50V +8V +5VD FS2/BII R724 4K7 AV1/AV2 R704 4K7 KEY1 J511 Q Q Q Q G 1 R526 33R D514 3V3/500mW C517 27n L503 390u J503 R522 560R 0W5 R524 820R C516 1n D513 1N4148 4 IC502 3 LTV817 1 2 R701 1 100R +5VD R702 2 100R R703 3 C701 10n R705 10K 1K KEY PROTEC 62 AV1/AV2 IR 63 FS2 POWER 64 R727 4K7 J701 T704 KRC103 R723 1K R713 C712 100p 4 GND BAND1 61 1K J509 8 16 R504 4K7 1% R525 470R +5VA D516 1N5399 D517 1N5399 R530 0R56 0W5 R529 0R56 0W5 T508 2SA1015Y T509 2SC1815Y 8n2 C511 470u 16V Q R528 0R56 0W5 C519 22n M501 BT-00-04 13 L501 4 R533 P C504 330p 1KV C512 10u 50V +5VD J508 C513 100u 16V SCL J702 +5VD +5VD 1 KIA7045 IC702 2 3 C702 10n 5 C703 6 RESET VT 60 L504 FB R532 47K C520 1n 1K6V D503 HER305 R512 100R T505 KTA1023 Q Q D510 1N4007 X-TAL1 SW-LVL 59 R718 12 FB Q Q J707 22p C704 XT701 8MHz 7 X-TAL2 SCL1 58 +5VD 8 TEST SDA1 57 R716 4K7 9 5V MUTE 56 C705 10u 50V 10 GND 5V 55 C717 330p C716 330p 22K D515 6V8 500mW 11 C532 330p 1KV R514 4R7 0W5 +33V C506 10u 50V R517 180R C514 220u 25V D512 5V6 500mW C515 100u 16V SDA R710 +5VD 47R C708 10n C707 10u 50V 8 7 J706 R709 10K R708 10K 22p 100R R719 100R R717 1K L702 10uH F501 M502 2 TO MAIN SWITCH DO501 1 EE501 AP2 TUNER EARTH T3.15AL 250V H R539 V 3M3 0W5 C527 100n 275VAC V501 SVC2710 300V RTH501 .. H R535 V 470K 0W5 R536 2R2 10 L505 FB D504 J505 HER104 +38V C505 47u 50V R502 680R J512 D522 33V 500mW R515 8K2 D511 R518 2R7 1N4007 +115V R516 2K2 +5VD-2 R707 100R R706 100R L701 +5VD 10uH C706 100n C525 330p 1KV D520 1N5399 D519 C523 330p 1KV D518 1N5399 D521 1N5399 J502 1 9 L502 D505 STTH3L06 C507 330p 1KV LINE FILTER 2.29mH C522 150u 400V T506 C1815 C530 47u 35V R520 10K R519 10K POWER 6 5 FB C521 2n2 250VAC R538 HV 8M2 IC703 MC24C16-WBN6 1 2 3 4 R725 1K H.DRIVE IF +8V 47uH 0u47 50V 8K2 C301 6n8 C303 C340 100p H.PULSE 2 DEGAUSING-COIL 1 EE502 C533 3n3 1KV +8V 1R R104 4K7 R107 1K5 L101 0u47 C120 22p C104 10n C119 10n HBT-00-04G RTH502 DUAL-PTC C508 100u 160V 11 GND GND 54 J306 C709 10n C710 10u 50V 1N5399 R105 12 FBP-IN/SCP-OUT D-GND 53 R633 B-OUT 52 390R R632 G-OUT 51 390R R631 R-OUT 50 390R L306 D-Vcc_3.3V 49 10uH C334 10n 270R C335 10u 50V R332 13 L301 C302 R301 14 H-OUT NON ISOLATED AREA ISOLATED AREA +33V R101 1K5 C101 10n R701 3K3 S702 VOL+/ D+ R702 1K8 S703 PROG-/ CR703 1K5 S704 PROG+/ C+ +5V FOR T51N21TC/VTC R704 1K S705 MENU/ FUNC V L FRONT R JF308 R303 150K R302 150K JF309 FOR T51N21TC/VTC CO701 5 R30 […]


HBT-00-04G Datasheet