HC-SR501 PDF – PIR Sensor, Motion Detector ( Manual )

Part Number: HC-SR501

Function: PIR Sensor, Motion Detector

Demension : 32 x 24 mm

Package: Module type

Manufacturer: ETC

HC-SR501 image


The HC-SR501 is based on infrared technology, automatic control module, using Germany imported LHI778 probe design, high sensitivity, high reliability, ultra-low-voltage operating mode, widely used in various auto-sensing eletrical equipment, especially for battery-powered automatic controlled products.

Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensors are used to detect motion based on the infrared heat
in the surrounding area. This makes them a popular choice when building a system to
detect potential intruders or people in general. These sensors can take for 10-60
seconds to warm up, so try to avoid motion during that time.


1. Voltage : 5 V ~ 20 V

2. Power Consumption : 65 mA

3. TTL output : 3.3V, 0V

4. Lock time : 0.2 sec

5. Sensing range : less than 120 degree, whtin 7 meters


1. Automatic induction : to enter the sensing range of the output is high, the person leaves the sensing range of the automatic delay off high output low.

2. Photosensitive control ( optional, not factory-set ) can be set photosensitive contorl, day or light intensity without induction.


1. Automatically sensing light for floor, bathroom, basement, porch, warehouse.



HC-SR501 Datasheet

HC-SR501 pdf