HCPL-4502 PDF Datasheet – Optocoupler, Transistor, 8 Pin

Part Number: HCPL-4502

Function: High Speed Transistor, Optocoupler

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: QT Optoelectronics,  Fairchild Semiconductor


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The HCPL-4502, HCPL-2503, 6N135, 6N136 and HCPL-2530, HCPL-2531 optocouplers
consist of an AlGaAs LED optically coupled to a high speed photodetector transistor.
A separate connection for the bias of the photodiode improves the speed by several
orders of magnitude over conventional phototransistor optocouplers by reducing the
base-collector capacitance of the input transistor.
An internal noise shield provides superior common mode rejection of 10kV/µs. An
improved package allows superior insulation permitting a 480 V working voltage
compared to industry standard 0f 220 V. […]


1. High speed-1 MBit/s

2. Superior CMR-10 kV/µs

3. Double working voltage-480V RMS

4. CTR guaranteed 0-70°C


1. Line receivers

2. Pulse transformer replacement

3. Output interface to CMOS-LSTTL-TTL

4. Wide bandwidth analog coupling

HCPL-4502 Datasheet