HCWMGF-xxxHV PDF Datasheet – Three-Phase Filter

This post explains for the filter.

The Part Number is HCWMGF-xxxHV.

The function of this semiconductor is Three-Phase Filter.

Manufacturer: Premo

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HCWMGF-xxxHV pdf filter


HCWMGF-xxxHV is Three phase filters for wind mills applications. Three-phase filters are commonly used in wind turbine applications to improve the quality of the electrical power generated and protect sensitive equipment from voltage and current fluctuations. Wind turbines often generate power in a variable and uncontrolled manner due to wind speed variations.


1. High-Power filters for rated currents up to 2500A

2. Attenuation loss for Class A compliance.

3.Protective cover for busbar optional

4. High voltage for IT networks […]

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HCWMGF-xxxHV datasheet

Other data sheets are available within the file:


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HCWMGF-xxxHV PDF Datasheet

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