HJR-4102 PDF Datasheet – Relay, Pinout – Ningbo Tianbo

Part Number: HJR-4102

Function: Relay

Package: PCB DIP Type



HJR-4102 pdf relay



HJR-4102 is tianbo relay. A PCB (Printed Circuit Board) relay, also known as an electromechanical relay or simply a relay, is an electrical switch that uses an electromagnetic coil to mechanically open or close one or more sets of contacts. These relays are typically mounted on a printed circuit board, making them integral components in a wide range of electronic devices and systems. They serve various purposes, including signal switching, power switching, and control applications.


1. Small size and low cost

2. DIP standard terminals

3. Surge Strength 1500V FCC68

4. Sealed type available

5.  Conform to RoHS,ELV directive

■ Contact Form 1A,1C

Contact Material Silver Alloy

Contact Ratings 3A 120VAC/24VDC

Max Switching Voltage 240VAC/60VDC

Max Switching Current 5A

Max Switching Power 360VA/90W

Contact Resistance 100mΩMaxat 6VDC 1A

Life Expectancy Electrical 100,000Operations(at30Operations/minute)

Mechanical 10,000,000Operations


Insulation Resistance 100MΩMin at 500VDC

Dielectric Strength Between Open Contacts 500VAC(for one minute)

Between Contacts and coil 1000VAC(for one minute)

Operate Time 5ms

Release Time 5ms

Temperature Range -30℃to+70℃

PCB relays find applications in a wide range of industries and electronic devices, including industrial automation, telecommunications equipment, automotive systems, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, consumer electronics, and more. They are often used for tasks such as switching loads, isolating circuits, providing electrical protection, and controlling various aspects of electronic systems.

HJR-4102 PDF Datasheet

HJR-4102 pdf