HT3582D PDF – Charger Control Chip, DIP 8 ( Datasheet )

Part Number: HT3582D

Function: universal charger control chip

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Hotchip


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HT3582D is a universal charger control chip with built-in reference voltage, with functions such as automatic identification of battery polarity, short circuit protection, and over temperature protection. […]


1. Built-in reference source, regulated output at no-load, no need for external components to adjust no-load voltage

2. Support ordinary three-light mode, two-light mode, colorful light mode

3. Maximum charging current: 400mA

4. Supports 0V battery charging (battery is connected), and has a trickle pre-charge mode to better protect the battery

5. Switch to constant voltage charging mode when the battery is almost full, the battery can be fully charged

6. Automatically identify battery polarity

7. Short circuit protection function

8. Over temperature protection function

9. Precharge function

10. Highly integrated, very few peripheral devices

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HT3582D Datasheet