HX-8218 PDF – TFT LCD Source Driver ( Datasheet ) – Himax

Part Number: HX-8218, HX8218A

Function: 960-channel, TFT LCD Source Driver

Manufacturer: HiMAX Technologies

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HX-8218 is a 960-channel output Source Driver with built-in TCON and DAC. The interface follows digital 8-bits serial/24-bits parallel RGB, or CCIR601/656 input signals and digital control timing signals. The DAC supports transferring digital RGB data to analog RGB data for the internal Source Driver. The TCON generates the 960×240 resolution timing to Source driver and Gate Driver.

The Source Driver implements 2 lines of sample and hold circuits. While sampling video signals, the previously sampled data can be output synchronously through driver output channels. And simultaneous or sequential sampling can be chosen for matching the pixel array type. […]



(1) T-CON

1. Support display resolution 960×240.

2. Support digital 8-bits serial/24-bits parallel RGB and CCIR601/656 input mode.

3. Support two types of panel group.

4. Operation frequency: 30 MHz max.

5. Support NTSC/PAL TV system.

6. Built-in zoom in/out function in CCIR601/656 input mode.

7. OSD overlay supported in CCIR601/656 input mode.

8. Line inversion driving scheme.

9. Provide source and gate drivers control timing.

10. Provide flip and mirror scan control.

11. Operation Voltage Level 3V~3.6V.

(2) Source Driver

1. 5V analog power supply.

2. Dynamic range: 0.1 ~ 4.9V.

3. Voltage deviation of outputs: +20mV.

4. 960 channels output source driver for TFT LCD panel.

5. Applicable to stripe and delta pattern color filter.

6. Simultaneous or sequential sampling is selectable as matching pixel array type.

7. Include 2 lines of sample and hold circuit.

8. Right and left shift capability.

9. LCD power: 3.8~5.5V.

Block Diagram:

HX-8218 pinout pdf

HX-8218 PDF Datasheet