HX8802A PDF – TFT-LCD Timing Controller

Part Number: HX8802A

Function: TFT-LCD TCON with DAC ( Timing Controller )

Package: LQFP 64 or 48 pins Type

Manufacturer: Himax

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The HX8802A is a TFT-LCD timing controller with built-in gamma correction and DAC circuits. It provides horizontal and vertical control timing to TFTLCD source and gate drivers. With built-in DAC and operational amplifiers, this controller performs gamma correction and polarity inverted function to convert digital RGB data into analog amplified and alternated RGB signals for TFT-LCD panel.

A TFT-LCD (Thin-Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) timing controller, often referred to as a TCON, is an integrated circuit (IC) that controls the timing and signal processing for driving a TFT-LCD panel. It acts as a bridge between the display panel and the external video source, ensuring proper synchronization and data transfer.

1. The TCON generates the necessary timing signals required for driving the individual pixels of the TFT-LCD panel. This includes generating pixel clock signals, horizontal and vertical synchronization signals, and various control signals for data transmission.

2. The TCON receives video data from the video source, typically in the form of digital signals, and formats it into the appropriate format for the TFT-LCD panel. This involves converting the video data to the desired color format (such as RGB) and adjusting the data format based on the specific panel configuration.


HX8802A pinout controller


1. Support different display resolution modes, up to 1440 x 234

2. Support two types of panel group

3. Master clock frequency: 30 MHz max

4. Support NTSC/PAL TV system

5. Built-in gamma correction function

6. Built-in polarity inverted function

7. Line inversion driving scheme

8. Provide source and gate drivers control timing

9. Shift clock signals for the source driver(3-φ clock)

10. Provide flip and mirror scan control

11. Optional 3.3V input and output level

HX8802A PDF Datasheet