IC555 PDF Datasheet – LMC555 / Timer IC

Part Number: IC555, NE555, SE555, LM555, HA555

Function: Timer IC

Package: DIP 8 Pin, Can 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: National, NTE, TI, Intersil, Fairchild

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The IC555 timer was first introduced arround 1971 by the Signetics Corporation as the SE555, NE555 and was called “The IC Time Machine” and was also the very first and only commercial timer ic available.

It provided circuit designers and hobby tinkerers with a relatively cheap, stable, and user-friendly integrated circuit for both monostable and astable applications.

Since this device was first made commercially available, a myrad of novel and unique circuits have been developed and presented in several trade, professional, and hobby publications. The past ten years some manufacturers stopped making these timers because of competition or other reasons. Yet other companies, like NTE (a subdivision of Philips) picked up where some left off.

1. The 555 timer can be used as a timer to generate precise time delays. It can operate in monostable mode, where a single pulse is generated of a predetermined duration, or in astable mode, where it generates a continuous stream of pulses with a specific frequency.

2. The 555 timer can function as an oscillator, producing a stable and adjustable square wave signal. By adjusting the timing components, such as resistors and capacitors connected to the IC, the frequency and duty cycle of the output waveform can be controlled.

3. The IC can generate precise pulses of varying widths and intervals. It can be used to create pulse width modulation (PWM) signals, generate trigger pulses, or create precise timing signals for various applications.



IC555 pinout timer ic

The IC555 timer  has found applications in numerous electronic circuits and systems, including timing circuits, motor control, LED flashers, sound generators, voltage regulators, and more. Its versatility and wide availability have contributed to its enduring popularity in the field of electronics.


IC555 PDF Datasheet