ICR18650-22 PDF Datasheet – 3.7V, Lithium-Ion-Battery

Part Number: ICR18650-22

Function: 3.7V, Lithium-Ion-Battery

Manufacturer: Varta, Samsung

Images:ICR18650-22 battery


ICR18650-22 is Sealed Rechargeable Li-Ion High Capacity Cylindrical Cell.

This battery is commonly used in applications where high energy density and rechargeability are essential, such as in laptop batteries, power banks, LED flashlights, electric vehicles, and other portable electronic devices

Nominal Voltage: . Rated Capacity (0.2C / 2.75 V): Typical Capacity (0.2C / 2.75 V): 3.7 V 2150 mAh 2200 mAh Height Diameter h. d. 65.0 18.3 -0.6 -0.4 mm mm Max Charge Voltage: 4.20 V 2200 mA 4000 mA 100 mOhm Volume: Weight, approx: . Energy Density: . Specific Energy: 16.83 cm³ 46 g 484 Wh/l 177 Wh/kg Max Charge Current: Max Discharge Current: . Impedance AC at 1kHz, fully charged: Charge Conditions at: Standard Charge: Fast Charge: 1100mA 3h 2200mA 2.5h Temperatures: Storage: -20 up to +60°C. Storage: -20 up to +45°C. Storage: -20 up to +20°C. 1 month 3 month 1 year 0°C . 45°C -20°C . 60°C Life Expectancy at Cycling: >300 cycles (0.5C/0.5C): >70% of rated capacity Charge: Discharge: . All data contained herein is for single cells. For battery applications, performance data may vary from single cell data, depending on specific battery configuration. Microbatterie GmbH, Daimlerstr. 1, D-73479 Ellwangen/Jagst Tel.: (+49) 7961/830, Telefax: (+49) 7961/83-553 Subject to change without prior notice! Date of issue: 22.07.02


ICR18650-22 pdf datasheet


ICR18650-22 PDF Datasheet