IMX29F002 PDF Datasheet – 2M-BIT [256K x 8] CMOS Flash Memory

Part Number: IMX29F002

Function: 2M-BIT [256K x 8] CMOS Flash Memory

Package: DIP, PLCC, TSOP 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Macronix International


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The MX29F002, MX29F002T, MX29F002B is a 2-mega bit Flash memory organized as 256K bytes of 8 bits only. MXIC’s Flash memories offer the most cost-effective and reliable read/write nonvolatile random access memory. The MX29F002T/B is packaged in 32-pin PDIP,PLCC and 32-pin TSOP(I). It is designed to be reprogrammed and erased in-system or in-standard EPROM programmers.


• 262,144x 8 only

• Fast access time: 55/70/90/120ns

• Low power consumption
– 30mA maximum active current(5MHz)
– 1uA typical standby current

• Programming and erasing voltage 5V ± 10%

• Command register architecture
– Byte Programming (7us typical


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IMX29F002 Datasheet

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