IT8718F PDF Datasheet – Highly Integrated Super I/O

Part Number: IT8718F

Function: Highly Integrated Super I/O, Environment Control

Package: QFP 128 Pin type

Manufacturer: ITE

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The IT8718F is a Low Pin Count Interface-based highly integrated Super I/O. The IT8718F provides the most commonly used legacy Super I/O functionality plus the latest Environment Control initiatives, such as H/W Monitor, Fan Speed Controller. The device’s LPC interface complies with Intel “LPC Interface Specification Rev. 1.0”.

The IT8718F features the enhanced hardware monitor providing 3 thermal inputs from remote thermal
resistors, or thermal diode or diode-connected transistor (2N3904). The device also provides the ITE
innovative intelligent automatic Fan ON/OFF & speed control functions (SmartGuardian) to protect the system, reducing the system noise and power consumption.

Environment Control – Low Pin Count Input / Output (EC – LPC I/O) Preliminary Specification V0.3 ITE TECH. INC. Specification subject to Change without notice, AS IS and for reference only. For purchasing, please contact sales representatives. Please note that the IT8718F V0.3 is applicable to C version and future versions. Copyright © 2006 ITE Tech. Inc.  Bao Chiao RD., Hsin Tien, Taipei County 231, Taiwan, R.O.C. Phone: Fax: (02) 29126889 (02) 2910-2551, 2910-2552 If you have any marketing or sales questions, please contact: P.Y. Chang, at ITE Taiwan: E-mail: [email protected], Tel: 886-2-29126889 X6052, Fax: 886-2-29102551 To find out more about ITE, visit our World Wide Web at: Or e-mail [email protected] for more product information/services Revision History Revision History Section 4 5 5 6 7 8 8 8 8 Revision • Table 4-1. Pins Listed in Numeric Order was revised.


IT8718F pinout datasheet


• Table 5-3. Pin Description of GPI/O Signals was revised.

• In Table 5-6. Pin Description of Infrared Port Signals, added the third and fourth functions for pin 66.

• In Table 6-4. General Purpose I/O Group 4 (Set 4), pin 66 was revised.

• Table 7-1. Power On Strapping Options was revised.

• Table 8-1. Global Configuration Registers was revised.

• Table 8-9. GPIO Configuration Registers was revised.

• Table 8-10. GPIO Configuration Registers was revised.

• In 8.3.5 Configuration Select and Chip Version (Index=22h, Default=01h), the default value was revised from “00h” to “01h” and added “0001b for C version” to the description of bit 3-0.

• In 8.3.6 Clock Selection Register (Index=23h, Default=00h), added “Powered by VSB” to the description of bit 3-2.

• In 8.3.12 GPIO Set 5 Multi-Function Pin Selection Register (Index=29h, Default=00h), the descr […]


IT8718F PDF Datasheet