K4H281638A-TCA0 PDF Datasheet – 128Mb DDR SDRAM

Part Number: K4H281638A-TCA0, K4H281638A-TCAO

Function: 128Mb DDR SDRAM

Package: TSOP 66 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Samsung


K4H281638A-TCA0 datasheet pinout


128Mb DDR SDRAM DDR SDRAM Specification Version 1.0 – 1 – REV. 1.0 November. 2. 2000 128Mb DDR SDRAM Revision History Version 0 (May, 1998) – First version for internal review Version 0.1(June, 1998) – Added x4 organization Version 0.2(Sep,1998) 1. Added “Issue prcharge command for all banks of the device” as the fourth step of power-up squence. 2. In power down mode timing diagram, NOP condition is added to precharge power down exit. Version 0.3(Dec,1998) – Added QFC Function. – Added DC current value – Reduce I/O capacitance values Version 0.4(Feb,1999) -Added DDR SDRAM history for reference(refer to the following page) -Added low power version DC spec Version 0.5(Apr,1999) -Revised following first showing for JEDEC standard -Added DC target current based on new DC test condition Version 0.6(July 1,1999) 1.Modified binning policy From To -Z (133Mhz) -Z (133Mhz/266Mbps@CL=2) -8 (125Mhz) -Y (133Mhz/266Mbps@CL=2.5) -0 (100Mhz) -0 (100Mhz/200Mbps@CL=2) 2.Modified the following AC spec values From. -Z tAC tDQSCK tDQSQ  tHZQ *1 *1 : Changed description method for the same functionality. This means no difference from the previous version. 3.Changed the following AC parameter symbol From. To. Output data access time from CK/CK tDQCK tAC Version 0.61(August 9,1999) – Changed the some values of “write with auto precharge” table for different bank in page 31. Asserted command Old Read Read + AP*1 Legal Legal For Different Bank 3 New Illegal Illegal Old Legal Legal 4 New Illegal Illegal – 2 – REV. 1.0 November. 2. 2000 128Mb DDR SDRAM Revision History(continued) Version 0.7 (March, 2000) – Changed 128Mb spec from target to Preliminary version. – Changed partnames as follows. from KM44L32031BT-G(L)Z/Y/0 KM48L16031BT-G(L)Z/Y/0 KM416L8031BT-G(L)Z/Y/0 – Changed input cap. spec. from CK/CK DQ/DQS/DM CMD/Addr 2.5pF ~ 3.5pF 4.0pF ~ 5.5pF 2.5pF ~ 3.5pF to 2.0pF ~ 3.0pF w/ Delta Cin = 0.25pF 4.0pF ~ 5.0pF w/ Delta Cin = 0.5pF 2.0pF ~ 3.0pF with Delta Cin = 0.5pF to K4H280438B-TC(L)A2/B0/A0 K4H280838B-TC(L)A2/B0/A0 K4H281638B-TC(L)A2/B0/A0 – Changed operating condition. from Vil/Vih(ac) VIL/VIH(dc) Vref +/- 0.35V Vref +/- 0.18V to Vref +/- 0.31V Vref +/- 0.15V – Added Overshoot/Undershoot spec . Vih(max) = 4.2V, the overshoot voltage duration is ≤ 3ns at VDD. . Vil(min) =- 1.5V, the overshoot voltage duration is ≤ 3ns at VSS. – Changed AC parameters as follows. from tDQSQ tDV tQH tHP – Added DC spec values. +/- 0.5(PC266), +/- 0.6(PC200) +/- 0.35tCK to +0.5(PC266), +0.6(PC200) tHPmin – […]


K4H281638A-TCA0 Datasheet