KCD32 PDF Datasheet – 20V, 3A, Schottky Barrier Rectifier

Part Number: KCD32

Function: 20V, 3A, Schottky Rectifier

Package: Surface Mount Type

Manufacturer: Kexin

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KCD32 is 20V, 3A, Schottky Barrier Rectifier. A Schottky Barrier Rectifier (or Schottky diode) is a type of semiconductor diode with unique characteristics that make it well-suited for certain applications. It is named after physicist Walter H. Schottky, who made significant contributions to the understanding of semiconductor physics.

Key characteristics:

1. Low Forward Voltage Drop: One of the most notable features of Schottky diodes is their low forward voltage drop (VF) compared to standard silicon rectifier diodes (such as silicon PN junction diodes). This low voltage drop results in less power dissipation and lower energy losses when the diode is conducting.

2. Fast Switching Speed: Schottky diodes have very fast switching speeds due to their minimal charge storage characteristics. This makes them suitable for high-frequency and high-speed switching applications.

3. Low Reverse Recovery Time: Schottky diodes have virtually no reverse recovery time, which means there is minimal delay when switching from the conducting state to the non-conducting state. This feature is important in high-frequency rectification and switching circuits.


1. For surface mounted applications.

2. Low profile package.

3. Built-in strain relief.

4. Metal silicon junction, majority carrier conduction.

5. Low power loss, high efficiency.

6. High current capability, low forward voltage drop.

7. High surge capability



Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25°C )

1. Maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage : VRRM = 20 V

2. Maximum RMS voltage : VRMS = 14 V

3. Maximum DC blocking voltage : VDC = 20 V

4. Maximum average forward rectified current : I(AV) = 3 A



KCD32 PDF Datasheet