KS8993 PDF Datasheet – 3-Port 10/100 Integrated Switch

Part Number: KS8993, KSZ8993

Function: 3-Port 10/100 Integrated Switch

Package: 128-Pin PQFP Type

Manufacturer: Micrel Semiconductor


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The KS8993 contains three 10/100 physical layer transceivers, three MAC (Media Access Control) units with an integrated layer 2 switch. The device runs in two modes. The first mode is a three port integrated switch and the second is as a three port switch with the third port decoupled from the
physical port. In this mode access to the third MAC is provided using a reverse or forward MII (Media Independent Interface) such that an external MAC can be directly connected to the KS8993. This interface also supports the 7-wire (serial network interface) as used by some routing devices. […]


• 3-port 10/100 integrated switch with physical layer transceivers

• 64k Byte of SRAM on chip for frame buffering

• 1.0Gbps high performance memory bandwidth

• 10BaseT, 100BaseTX and 100BaseFX modes of operation

• Support for UTP or fiber installations

• Superior analog technology for reduced power and die size

• Supports port based VLAN

KS8993 Datasheet