KSD301 PDF Datasheet – Snap-action Bimetal Thermostat

This post explains for the thermostat. A bimetal thermostat is a type of temperature control device commonly used in various heating, cooling, and temperature regulation applications. It relies on the principle of bimetallic expansion to open or close electrical contacts, thus controlling the operation of a heating or cooling system in response to temperature changes.

The Part Number is KSD301.

The Function is 1/2” DISC BIMETAL Thermostat

Manufacturer: Calco Electric, Sunshine


KSD301 thermostat thermostat


The KSD301 series snap-action bimetal thermostat is a kind of miniature hermetically sealed bimetal thermostat (1/2″ disc). It is of single-pole single-throw structure and works under resistive load. KSD301 bimetal thermostat is in wide use in a great variety of compact type home appliances with automatic reset or manual reset to provide temperature control or temperature protection.

Technical Parameters :

1. Rated Current : 5A/10A/16A (Resistive)

2. Reset Type : Automatic/Manual

3. Max OT : Resin:180°C/ Ceramic:220°C

4. Resistance Between Terminals : Below 50mΩ

KSD301 pdf datasheet


1. Coffee maker

2. Toaster

3. Microwave oven

4. Heating

5. Portable Refrigerator

6. Water dispenser

7. Electric pad

8. Portable freezer

KSD301 PDF Datasheet

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