KX-TS500FXB PDF – Telephone Service Manual

Part Number: KX-TS500FXB

Function: Telephone Service Manual

Manufacturer: Panasonic


KX-TS500FXB pdf manual


The KX-TS500FXB can be switched between tone (pushbutton) and pulse (rotary), ensuring that it will work on either type of telephone line. This is Telephone Equipment.


1. Electric Volume Control :

Even in mid-conversation, you can adjust the receiving volume of the handset to any of 6 levels.

2. Timed Flash :

This function, which supports Call Waiting and PBX use, ensures that a caller is not accidentally cut off while on hold.

3. Redial Memory :

This dials the number you most recently dialed. If you need to make a follow-up call or the line was busy the first time, just press the redial button.

3 Level Ringer Volume 

The ringer volume can be set to Off, Low, or High. Set it to Off when you don’t want to be disturbed during a meeting.

Note: In the information below, Pb, the symbol for lead in the periodic table of elements, will refer to standard solder or solder that contains lead. We will use PbF Solder when discussing the lead free solder used in our manufacturing process which is made from Tin (Sn), Silver (Ag), and Copper (Cu). This model, and others like it, manufactured using lead free solder will have PbF stamped on the PCB. For service and repair work we suggest using the same type of solder although, with some precautions, standard Pb solder can also be used. Caution

• PbF solder has a melting point that is 50°F ~70°F (30°C ~ 40°C) higher than Pb solder. Please use a soldering iron with temperature control and adjust it to 700°F ± 20°F (370°C ± 10°C).

In case of using high temperature soldering iron, please be careful not to heat too long. • PbF solder will tend to splash if it is heated much higher than its melting point, approximately 1100°F (600°C). […]

KX-TS500FXB panasonic


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