LA76805 PDF Datasheet – Video Processor, DIP 54 – Sanyo

This post explains for the Processor.

The Part Number is LA76805.

The package is DIP 54 Pin Type

The function of this semiconductor is Video Processor.

Manufacturer: Sanyo


LA76805 datasheet


The LA76805 is signal processor provide all the components required to decode PAL or NTSC Color television signals. On-chip circuits include VIF, SIF, a video processor, a chroma demodulator, and deflection drivers.


LA76805 image


1. Minimized external componets

2. High-gain VIF amplifier

3. Fast-response automatic gain control (AGC )

4. Muting for both audio and video signals or for audio alone


LA76805 Datasheet PDF

LA76805 pdf


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