LA76805 PDF Datasheet – Video Processor, DIP 54 – Sanyo

This post explains for the Video Processor.

The Part Number is LA76805.

The package is DIP 54 Pin Type

The function of this semiconductor is Video Processor.

Manufacturer: Sanyo


LA76805 datasheet


The LA76805 is signal processor provide all the components required to decode PAL or NTSC Color television signals. On-chip circuits include VIF, SIF, a video processor, a chroma demodulator, and deflection drivers.

A video processor IC, also known as a video processing unit (VPU) or video scaler, is an integrated circuit designed to handle various tasks related to video signal processing and enhancement. These ICs are commonly used in displays, televisions, projectors, video walls, and other video processing applications.


LA76805 pinout

Video processors play a crucial role in delivering high-quality and visually appealing video content across a wide range of applications. The specific features and capabilities of a video processor can vary widely depending on the intended use, from consumer electronics like TVs and gaming consoles to professional video production equipment used in broadcasting and filmmaking.


1. Minimized external componets

2. High-gain VIF amplifier

3. Fast-response automatic gain control (AGC )

4. Muting for both audio and video signals or for audio alone


LA76805 PDF Datasheet

LA76805 pdf


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