LA76931 PDF Datasheet – Color TV Receiver

Part Number: LA76931

Function: Color TV Receiver, Video and sound processor IC

Package: DIP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo


LA76931 datasheet pinout


The LA76931, LA7693XJ series is a single-chip video and sound processor IC with a built-in microcontroller that supports all of the different worldwide broadcasting systems. The IC provides fully integrated solution to rationalize the design of color TV sets, increase productivity, and reduce total costs.

A video and sound processor IC, also known as an audio-video processor IC or audio-video controller IC, is an integrated circuit designed to handle both video and audio processing tasks in electronic devices such as televisions, media players, gaming consoles, and home theater systems.

1. Video Processing: These ICs often incorporate video processing functions such as video scaling, deinterlacing, noise reduction, color correction, and image enhancement. These features aim to improve the visual quality, reduce artifacts, and provide a more immersive viewing experience.

2. Audio Processing: Video and sound processor ICs also include audio processing capabilities, which may involve audio decoding, surround sound processing, equalization, audio mixing, and various audio effects. These features enhance the audio quality, spatial immersion, and overall sound performance.

Functions :

• I2C bus control system with a built-in microcontroller

• VIF/SIF/Y/C/Deflection/CbCr IN

• Adjustment-free VIF/SIF

• 1X’tal multi-system that supports all broadcasting systems

• No VCO coil required

• Internal sound carrier BPF, 4-system sound carrier trap

• Digital AFT system

• Supports EW (LA76933J, LA76938Y)

• Supports SECAM (LA76936Y, LA76938Y)


SERVICE MANUAL Color Television Receiver Model: -SZ2(MONO) series 1 SPECIFICATION System TV AV PAL D/K , B/G , I NTSC 4.43/3.58MHz 49.75~85.25 MHz 168.25~216.25MHz 471.25~863.25 MHz 112.25~464.25MHz Channel VHF LOW VHF HIGH UHF CATV Scanning Line 625 Line Horizontal Frequency 15625Hz Vertical 50/60 Hz Video Sound Chroma 38MHz 31.5/32/32.5 MHz 33.57 MHz IF Frequency Sensitivity VHF LOW 43 dBμV VHF HIGH 45 dBμV UHF 45 dBμV CATV 45 dBμV 7% THD 75Ω 60W (14″ series) 75W (21″ series) AC 110/220/240V 50/60Hz 2W + 2W Audio Output Power Antenna Impedance Power Consumption Power Supply 2  […]

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LA76931 Datasheet