LA78040B PDF – Vertical Deflection Output IC

Part Number: LA78040B

Function: Vertical Deflection Output IC

Package: TO220-7H Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo

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The LA78040B is a vertical deflection output IC for TVs and CRT displays with excellent image quality that use a BUS control system signal processing IC. This IC can drive the direct (even including a DC component) deflection yoke with the saw tooth wave output from the BUS control system signal processing IC.

A Vertical Deflection Output Integrated Circuit (IC) is a semiconductor device used in cathode-ray tube (CRT) television and monitor displays. Its primary function is to generate the vertical deflection signal necessary to control the vertical movement of the electron beam in the CRT. This vertical deflection signal is responsible for scanning and displaying the image on the screen from top to bottom.

Key features:

1. Vertical Deflection: The IC generates a sawtooth waveform, often referred to as the vertical deflection signal. This signal is applied to the vertical deflection coil in the CRT, which causes the electron beam to move vertically on the screen.

2. Frequency Control: The IC allows control over the frequency of the sawtooth waveform, which determines the refresh rate of the display. Common refresh rates for CRT displays include 60Hz, 75Hz, and 100Hz, among others.


Functions :

1. Low power dissipation due to built-in pump-up circuit

2. Vertical output circuit

3. Thermal protection circuit built in

4. Excellent crossover characteristics

5. DC coupling possible


LA78040B pinout datasheet

LA78040B PDF Datasheet