LD40044APG PDF Datasheet – 4 Inch, 4×4 Dot Matrix LED Display

Part Number: LD40044APG

Function: 4.00 inch 4×4 Dot Matrix LED Display

Manufacturer: LIGHTKEY


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LD40044APG pdf datasheet


LD40044APG is 4.00 inch 4×4 Dot Matrix LED Display. This is a type of electronic display device that consists of an array of individual light-emitting diodes (LEDs) organized in a rectangular matrix or grid, with each LED representing a pixel.

These displays are used to show alphanumeric characters, symbols, and even simple graphics by selectively turning on or off specific LEDs within the matrix. Dot matrix LED displays are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including electronic signs, information boards, scoreboards, and message displays.


1. 108.80 mm (4.00 inch) digit high

2. Dot size : Diameter 20.00 mm

3. Pitch : 27.20 mm

4. Wide viewing angle

5. Range of emitted colors

6. I.C. compatible

7. Low power consumption

8. White dot, grey or black face

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LD40044APG display

Available options :

1. Alternative emitting luminosity : Standard or high brightness version

2. Alternative emitted color

3. Alternative dot color

4. Alternative face


Other data sheets are available within the file:

LD40044A, LD40044B, LD40044AR, LD40044AD, LD40044AO, LD40044AG

LD40044APG PDF Datasheet

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