LD7576A PDF Datasheet – Green-Mode PWM Controller

A Green-Mode PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Controller is a type of integrated circuit (IC) used in power supply designs to improve energy efficiency and reduce power consumption during light loads or standby mode. These controllers are commonly used in various electronic devices and power supplies to meet energy efficiency regulations and reduce overall energy consumption.

Part Number: LD7576A

Function: Green-Mode PWM Controller

Package: DIP 8 Pin, SOP 7, SOP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Leadtrend

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The LD7576A brings high performance, and com bines highly inte grated functions, protections an d EMI-improve solution. It’s cost. The LD7576A features near-lossless high v oltage startup circuit, green-mode power-saving operation, leading-edge blanking of the curre compensation. nt sensi ng an d i nternal slop e They are also equipped with protections, an id eal so lution for those cost-sensitive systems, redu cing comp onent count and overa ll s ystem.


1. High-Voltage (500V) Startup Circuit

2. Current Mode Control

3. Non-Audible-Noise Green Mode Control

4. UVLO (Under Voltage Lockout)

5. LEB (Leading-Edge Blanking) on CS Pin

6. Internal Slope Compensation

7. OVP (Over Voltage Protection) on Vcc

8. On-Chip OTP (Over Temperature Protection)

9. OLP (Over Load Protection)

10. 500mA Driving Capability

11. Adjustable OLP delay time


LD7576A datasheet pinout


1. Switching AC/DC Adaptor and Battery Charger

2. Open Frame Switching Power Supply

3. LCD Monitor/TV Power

LD7576A PDF Datasheet