LMV324 PDF Datasheet – Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifier

Part Number: LMV324, LMV324AM14X

Function: General Purpose / Low Voltage / Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifier

Package: SOIC 14L Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

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The LMV321 (single), LMV358 (dual), and LMV324 (quad) are a low cost, voltage feedback amplifiers that consume only 80 μA of supply current per amplifier. The LMV3XX family is designed to operate from 2.7 V (±1.35 V) to 5.5 V (±2.75 V) supplies. The common mode voltage range extends below the negative rail and the output provides rail-to-rail performance.

The LMV3XX family is designed on a CMOS process and provides 1.2 MHz of bandwidth and 1.5 V/
μs of slew rate at a low supply voltage of 2.7 V. The combination of low power, rail-to-rail performance.


• 80 μA Supply Current per Channel

• 1.2 MHz Gain Bandwidth Product

• Output Voltage Range: 0.01 V to 2.69 V

• Input Voltage Range: -0.25 V to +1.5 V

• 1.5 V/μs Slew Rate

• Fully Specified at +2.7 V and +5 V Supplies

• Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C

LMV324 pinout datasheet


• Low Cost General-Purpose Applications

• Cellular Phones

• Personal Data Assistants

• A/D Buffer

• DSP Interface

• Smart Card Readers

• Portable Test Instruments

• Keyless Entry

• Infrared Receivers for Remote Controls

LMV324 PDF Datasheet

LMV324 pdf