MAX200 PDF Datasheet – RS-232 Transceiver – Maxim

Part Number: MAX200

Function: RS-232 Transceiver

Package: DIP, SO 20 Pin type

Manufacturer: Maxim

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RS-232 is an older communication standard, and newer technologies like USB, Ethernet, and wireless communication have largely replaced it in modern devices. However, RS-232 is still used in some industrial settings, legacy systems, and specific applications where longer communication distances are required.

MAX200 is +5V, RS-232 Transceivers with 0.1μF External Capacitor. MAX200-MAX209, MAX211, and MAX213 are a family of RS-232 and V.28 transceivers with integrated charge pump circuitry for single +5V supply operation. The drivers maintain the ±5V EIA/TIA-232E output signal levels at data rates in excess of 120kbps when loaded in accordance with the EIA/TIA-232E specification.

The MAX211 and MAX213 are available in a 28-pin, wide small-outline (SO) package and a 28-pin shrink smalloutline (SSOP) package, which occupies only 40% of the area of the SO. The MAX207 is available in a 24-pin SO package and a 24-pin SSOP. The MAX203 and MAX205 use no external components and are recommended for applications with limited circuit board space.


1. Saves Board Space

• Integrated Charge Pump Circuitry Eliminates the Need for a Bipolar ±12V Supply Enables Single Supply Operation From Either +5V or 9V to +12V

• Integrated 0.1μF Capacitors (MAX203, MAX205)

• 24 pin SSOP Package Saves Up to 40% Versus SO Package

2. Saves Power for Longer Battery Operation

• 5μW Shutdown Mode (MAX200, MAX205, MAX206, MAX211)

• 75μW Ring Indicator Monitoring with Two Active Receivers (MAX213)


MAX200 datasheet pinout


1. Battery-Powered Equipment

2. Handheld Equipment

3. Portable Diagnostics Equipment


MAX200 PDF Datasheet