MAZ20820A PDF Datasheet – 8.2V, Zener Diode, Rectifier

Part Number: MAZ20820A

Function: 8.2V, Zener Diode

Package:DO-41 Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic


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This 8.2V, Zener Diode.


• High reliability, achieved by the combination the planar type and the glass seal • Large power dissipation: PD = 1 W • Wide voltage range: VZ = 5.1 V to 56.0 V • Easy-to-use because of the finely divided zener voltage ranks, such as A and B ranks φ 0.8±00.5 27 min. Colored band indicatesVz classification Cathode 1st Band 2nd Band 3rd Band 4.0±0.5 27 min. 2.6–0.2 +0.4 Anode s Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta = 25°C Parameter Repetitive peak forward current Total power dissipation *1 Symbol IFRM Ptot PZSM Tj Tstg Rating 400 1 75 200 −55 to +200 Unit mA W W °C °C 1: Cathode 2: Anode DO-41-A1 Package Non-repetitive reverse surge power dissipation *2 Junction temperature Storage temperature • Color indication of VZ rank classification Rank Color A Blue B Red Note) *1: With a printed circuit board *2: t = 100 µs, Tj = 150°C s Common Electrical Characteristics Ta = 25°C *1 Parameter Forward voltage Zener voltage *2 Symbol VF VZ RZ IR SZ Ct IF = 200 mA IZ IZ VR IZ VR Conditions Min Typ Max 1 Unit V V Ω µA mV/°C pF Specified value Specified value Specified value Specified value Specified value Refer to the list of the electrical characteristics within part numbers Zener operating resistance Reverse current Temperature coefficient of zener voltage *3 Terminal capacitance Note) 1 Rated input/output frequency: 5 MHz 2 *1: The VZ value is for the temperature of 25°C. In other cases, carry out the temperature compensation. *2: Guaranteed at 20 ms after power application. *3: Tj = 25°C to 150°C Note) The part number in the parenthesis shows conventional part number. Publication date: February 2002 SKE00002BED 1 MAZ2000 Series s Electrical characteristics within part numbers Ta = 25°C Zener voltage Part Number VZ (V) IZ (mA) Min Nom Max MAZ2051 MAZ20510A MAZ20510B MAZ2056 MAZ20560A MAZ20560B MAZ2062 MAZ20620A MAZ20620B MAZ2068 MAZ20680A MAZ20680B MAZ2075 MAZ20750A MAZ20750B […]

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MAZ20820A Datasheet