MIC426 PDF – Dual 1.5A-Peak Low-Side MOSFET Driver

Part Number: MIC426

Function: Dual 1.5A-Peak Low-Side MOSFET Driver

Package: SOIC, DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Micrel

Images:MIC426 pdf pinout


The MIC426 / MIC427 / MIC428 are dual high speed drivers. A TTL/ CMOS input voltage level is translated into an output voltage level swing equal to the supply. The DMOS output will be within 25mV of ground or positive supply. Bipolar designs are capable of swinging only within 1 volt of the supply. The low impedance high current driver outputs will swing a 1000pF load 18V in 30ns.

The unique current and voltage drive qualities make the MIC426/427/428 ideal power MOSFET drivers, line drivers, and dc-to-dc converter building blocks. Input logic signals may equal the power supply voltage. Input current is a low 1µA making direct interface to CMOS/bipolar switch-mode power supply control integrated circuits possible as well as open-collector analog comparators.


• High Speed Switching (CL = 1000pF) : 30ns

• High Peak Output Current : 1.5A

• High Output Voltage Swing : VS – 25mV , GND + 25mV

• Low Input Current (Logic “0” or “1”) : 1µA

• Low Equivalent Input Capacitance (typ) : 6pF

• TTL/CMOS Input Compatible

• Available in Inverting & Non-lnverting Configurations

• Wide Operating Supply Voltage : 4.5V to 18V

• Low Power Consumption:

1. (Inputs Low) : 0.4mA

2. (Inputs High) : 8mA

• Single Supply Operation

MIC426 datasheet

Other data sheets are available within the file: MIC426CM, MIC426BM, MIC426CN, MIC426BN

MIC426 PDF Datasheet