MMFT70R380P PDF Datasheet – 750V, 11A, N-Ch, MOSFET

Part Number: MMFT70R380P, MMFT70R380PTH

Function: 750V, 11A, N-channel MOSFET

Package: TO-220FT Type

Manufacturer: MagnaChip Semiconductor


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MMFT70R380P is power MOSFET using magnachip’s advanced super junction technology that can realize very low on-resistance and gate charge. It will provide much high efficiency by using optimized charge coupling technology. These user friendly devices give an advantage of Low EMI to designers as well as low switching loss.

 Key Parameters :

Parameter VDS @ Tj,max RDS(on),max VTH,typ ID Qg,typ Value 750 0.38 3 11 30 Unit V Ω V A nC  Package & Internal Circuit D G DS G S  Features  Low Power Loss by High Speed Switching and Low On-Resistance  100% Avalanche Tested  Green Package – Pb Free Plating, Halogen Free  Applications  PFC Power Supply Stages  Switching Applications  Adapter  Motor Control  DC – DC Converters  Ordering Information Order Code Marking Temp. Range MMFT70R380PTH T70R380P -55 ~ 150℃ Package TO-220FT Packing Tube RoHS Status Halogen Free Nov. 2013 Revision 1.0 1 MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd. MMFT70R380P Datasheet  Absolute Maximum Rating (Tc=25℃ unless otherwise specified) Parameter Drain – Source voltage Gate – Source voltage Continuous drain current Pulsed drain current(1) Power dissipation Single – pulse avalanche energy MOSFET dv/dt ruggedness Symbol VDSS VGSS ID IDM PD EAS dv/dt Rating 700 ±30 11 7 33 32.4 215 50 Unit V V A A A W mJ V/ns Note TC=25℃ TC=100℃ Diode dv/dt ruggedness Storage temperature Maximum operating junction temperature 1) Pulse width tP limited by Tj,max 2) ISD ≤ ID, VDS peak ≤ V(BR)DSS dv/dt Tstg Tj 15 -55 ~150 150 V/ns ℃ ℃  Thermal Characteristics Parameter Thermal resistance, junction-case max Thermal resistance, junction-ambient max Symbol Rthjc Rthja Value 3.85 62.5 Unit ℃/W ℃/W Nov. 2013 Revision 1.0 2 MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd.  […]


MMFT70R380P Datasheet