MOC7811 PDF Datasheet – (MOC78xx) Couplers / Interrupters

This post explains for the semiconductor MOC7811.

The Part Number is MOC7811.

The function of this semiconductor is (MOC78xx) Couplers / Interrupters.

Manufacturer: Motorola

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MOC7811 PDF slotted coupler


Slotted couplers consist of an infrared emitting diode facing a photodetector in a molded plastic housing. A slot in the housing between the emitter and the detector provides a means of interrupting the signal. A wide selection of standard and custom housings and detector fuctions is available.



1. Cathode
2. Collector
3. Anode
4. Emitter

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Motorola offers high performance Infrared Emitters and Detectors for fiber optic systems.

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MOC7811 PDF Datasheet