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Part Number: MQ-136, MQ136

Function: GAS SENSOR


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MQ-136 is Gas Sensor. The MQ-136 is a type of gas sensor module that is designed to detect the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) in the air. The MQ series of gas sensors are widely used for various gas detection applications and are commonly found in industrial settings, environmental monitoring systems, safety equipment, and more.

1. Gas Sensor: The core component of the module is the gas sensor itself, which is sensitive to hydrogen sulfide gas. The sensor’s electrical resistance changes in the presence of the target gas.

2. Heater Element: The gas sensor usually includes a built-in heater element. The heater heats the sensor to a specific operating temperature, enhancing its sensitivity and responsiveness to gas detection.

3. Signal Conditioning Circuitry: The module often contains signal conditioning circuitry that converts the change in sensor resistance into a measurable voltage or current output. This output can be interfaced with microcontrollers, data loggers, or other monitoring systems.


1. Fast response and High sensitivity

2. Stable and long life

3. Simple drive circuit

MQ-136 datasheet pinout


They are used in air quality control equipments for buildings/offices, are suitable for detecting of H2S.


A. Standard work condition Symbol Parameter name Vc Circuit voltage VH Heating voltage RL Load resistance RH Heater resistance PH Heating consumption B.

MQ-136 PDF Datasheet