MT1389 PDF Datasheet – MPEG IC Block Diagrams

Part Number: MT1389

Function: Digital video and DVD system processor, MPEG IC

Package: TQFP 256 Type

Manufacturer: MediaTek


MT1389 pdf datasheet


This IC is a digital video and DVD system processor chip developed by MediaTek Inc., a Taiwanese semiconductor company. It is specifically designed for use in DVD players and provides various features to support DVD playback and multimedia functions.

MediaTek MT1389 / MT1389G is a cost-effective DVD player system on a chip (SOC) with MPEG-4 video decoding, high-quality TV encoding, state-of-the-art video de-interlacing and HDMI 1.3 support. MT1389G enables consumer electronics manufacturers to build high quality, feature-rich DVD players and other home entertainment devices.


MT1389 pinout


1. MPEG Decoder: It can decode MPEG-2 video streams, which is the standard compression format used for DVDs. This allows it to process and display video content from DVDs.

2. Audio Decoding: The chip supports various audio formats commonly used in DVDs, such as Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Digital Theater System (DTS). This enables it to decode and output surround sound audio.

3. DVD Navigation and User Interface: The MT1389 includes capabilities to handle DVD menus, navigation, and interactive features, allowing users to access different chapters, audio tracks, subtitles, and special features.

MT1389 PDF Datasheet