MT6166 PDF Datasheet – RF Transceiver – MediaTek

The Part Number is MT6166.

The function of this semiconductor is RF Transceiver.

The package is TFBGA Type.

Manufacturer: MediaTek

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The MT6166 is a RF transceiver targeted at high speed 2G/3G-FDD/TDD multi-mode smart phone
and tablet computers implanted in 40nm CMOS. The RF transceiver function is fully integrated.

An RF (Radio Frequency) transceiver is a device that combines both the functions of a transmitter and a receiver in a single unit. It’s used to transmit and receive radio signals over the air, making it an essential component in wireless communication systems. RF transceivers are used in various applications, including telecommunications, wireless networks, radio systems, remote controls, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and more.


1. Full multi-mode RF solution (GGE/WCDMA/TDSCDMA) through to 3GPP Release 8

2. Direct Conversion (3G), Two Point Modulation (TPM) for GMSK and Small Signal Polar

3. Hybrid Direct-Conversion (3G) / Low-IF (GGE, DC-HSDPA) receiver

4. Low supply current & operation directly from DC-DC converter

5. 26MHz internal DCXO or external VCTCXO operation (with integrated AFC DAC)

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MT6166 datasheet mediatek

MT6166 PDF Datasheet

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