MZ73BHL12R PDF Datasheet – PTC for Degaussing

Part Number: MZ73BHL12R

Function: PTC for Degaussing

Manufacturer: ETC

Images:MZ73BHL12R pdf pinout


MZ73BHL12R is PTC for Degaussing. For good picture definition, colour televisions and monitors must be degaussed by a strong alternating magnetic field which gradually and symmetrically decays to a small value of residual current. This can be achieved by connecting a PTC thermistor in the degaussing circuit.

The new generation of flat-screen, high-definition colour televisions and monitors require an excellent picture quality with high colour purity. This can only be achieved by a dual PTC device housing two PTC thermistors in intimate thermal contact, one being used to heat the other and so further
reduce the residual current.


1. Small residual current, low power consumption

2. High reliability and long life 1.Long decay time


1. Colour TV

2. Colour monitor

MZ73BHL12R datasheet

MZ73BHL12R PDF Datasheet