N25Q128A PDF Datasheet – Serial NOR Flash Memory

Part Number: N25Q128A

Function: NOR Flash Memory

Package: SO 8, SO 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Micron


N25Q128A datasheet pdf


The N25Q128A is the first high-performance multiple input/output serial Flash memory device manufactured on 65nm NOR technology. It features execute-in-place (XIP) functionality, advanced write protection mechanisms, and a high-speed SPI-compatible bus interface. The innovative, high-performance, dual and quad input/output instructions enable double or quadruple the transfer bandwidth for READ and PROGRAM operations. [ …. ]


The memory is organized as 256 (64KB) main sectors that are further divided into 16
subsectors each (4096 subsectors in total). The memory can be erased one 4KB subsector at a time, 64KB sectors at a time, or as a whole. The memory can be write protected by software through volatile and nonvolatile protection features, depending on the application needs. The protection granularity is of 64KB (sector granularity) for volatile protection.


1. SPI-compatible serial bus interface

2. 108 MHz (MAX) clock frequency

3. 1.7–2.0V single supply voltage

4. Dual/quad I/O instruction provides increased throughput up to 432 MHz


N25Q128A Datasheet

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