NCR18650GA PDF Datasheet – Rechargeable Battery

This post explains for the Rechargeable Battery.

The Part Number is NCR18650GA.

The function of this Rechargeable battery is 3300mAh Recharge.

Manufacturer: Sony, Panasonic


NCR18650GA battery sony


This is Rechargeable Battery.

Nominal Specifications

1. Rated Capacity : 3300 mAh
2. Capacity (Minumum) : 3350 mAh
3. Capacity (Typical) : 3450 mAh
4. Nominal Voltage : 3.6V
5. Discharging End Voltage : 2.5V
6. Charging Current : 1.675A
7. Charging Time : 4 hours

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Specifications for NCR18650GA Specifications Dimensions Rated capacity(1) 3300mAh D Capacity(2) Minimum Typical 3350mAh 3450mAh d H Nominal voltage Method 3.6V CC-CV (+) Charging Voltage Current Time 4.20V Std. 1475mA Std. 270 min. Weight (max.) 48.0g Temperature Energy density(3) Charge Discharge Storage Volumetric Gravimetric 10 to +45°C -20 to +60°C -20 to +50°C 693 Wh/l 224 Wh/kg With tube (–) H D d Max. 65.30mm Max. 18.50mm Max. 9.0mm (1) At 20°C (2) At 25°C (3) Energy density is calculated using bare cell dimensions (without tube). When designing a pack, refer to the cell’s mechanical drawing for precise dimensions. The data in this document is for descriptive purposes only and is not intended to make or imply any guarantee or warranty. 4J14Z5UTAS Discharge rate characteristics of NCR18650GA 2 Battery Voltage(V) Battery Temp.(℃) 4.5 4.0 3.5 Charge :CC-CV:1.675A-4.2V(67mA cut) at 25℃ Discharge:CC:2A, 4A, 6A, 8A,10A to 2.5V at 25℃ 1 […]

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NCR18650GA Datasheet

NCR18650GA pdf

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