NTP3000 PDF – 2.1 Channel, Full Digital Amplifier

A full digital amplifier, also known as a digital power amplifier or digital audio amplifier, is an audio amplifier that operates entirely in the digital domain. Unlike traditional analog amplifiers that amplify analog signals, digital amplifiers work by processing digital audio signals directly and then converting them into amplified analog output signals.

Part Number: NTP3000


Package: 56 pin MLF 8mm by 8mm Type

Manufacturer: NeoFidelity

Images:NTP3000 pdf pinout



NTP3000 is a single chip full digital audio amplifier including power stage for stereo or 2.1 channel amplifier system. NTP3000 is integrated with versatile digital audio signal processing functions, high-fidelity fully digital PWM modulator and two high-power full bridge MOSFET stages.

Combining use of built-in mixer and biquad filters can make additional preprocessing like bass management, loudness control, loud-speaker response compensation and preset parametric equalizers possible


1. Stereo (30W ⅹ 2)

2. 2.1 channel (15Wⅹ2 + 30W)

3. Wide Supply Voltage Range : (7V~30V)

4. Floating Point Operation

5. 18 Programmable Biquad Filters
(1) Speaker Compensation
(2) DC cut, LPF, HPF
(3) Parametric Equalizer

6. PWM Output for External Subwoofer

7. 3D Surround

8. 7 Band Graphic Equalizer

9. 100 dB Dynamic Range […]


Block Diagram:

NTP3000 datasheet


1. Plasma TV, LCD TV

2. Docking Station

3. Mini-Component Audio

NTP3000 PDF Datasheet