OB5269 PDF Datasheet – PWM Controller

This post explains for the PWM Controller.

The Part Number is OB5269.

The function of this semiconductor is High Voltage Green Mode PWM Controller.

The package is SOP 8 Pin Type.

Manufacturer: On-Bright

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OB5269 pdf


OB5269 is a highly integrated current mode PWM control IC with high voltage start up, optimized for high performance, low standby power consumption and cost effective offline flyback converter applications.

A high voltage green mode PWM controller is a type of integrated circuit (IC) that is specifically designed for power supply applications. It helps regulate and control the power conversion process while aiming to maximize energy efficiency and reduce power consumption.

PWM switching frequency at normal operation is internally fixed and is trimmed to a tight range. At no load or light load condition, the IC operates in extended ‘burst mode’ to minimize switching loss.Very low standby power consumption and very high conversion efficiency is thus achieved.

High voltage startup is implemented in OB5269, which features with short startup time and lowstandby current.

High voltage green mode PWM controllers find applications in various power supply designs, including offline power converters, AC-DC power supplies, LED drivers, and other high-voltage applications. Their efficient operation, protection features, and flexibility make them well-suited for energy-efficient power conversion in demanding environments.


OB5269 pinout datasheet


1. High Voltage Startup
2. Power on Soft Start Reducing MOSFET Vds Stress
3. Frequency shuffling for EMI
4. Extended Burst Mode Control For Improved Efficiency and Minimum Standby Power
5. Audio Noise Free Operation
6. Fixed 65KHZ Switching Frequency
7. Comprehensive Protection Coverage


Offline AC/DC flyback converter for

1. Battery Charger
2. Power Adaptor
3. Open-frame SMPS

OB5269 PDF Datasheet