OZ522 PDF Datasheet – Charger + DC/DC PMU IC

Part Number: OZ522

Function: Charging algorithm to control 1 – 4 cell LiIon battery

Package: SSOP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: O2Micro


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The OZ522 provides a complete charging algorithm to control 1 – 4 cell LiIon batteries, used in Portable DVD (PDVD), and other portable electronic equipment. It delivers a wake-up charging current for discharged batteries followed by a fast charging current to minimize the charging time, and keeps the battery regulation voltage with 1% accuracy. A battery temperature sensing scheme allows the battery to be charged within a user-defi ned temperature range. The switch mode charger allows use of low AC adapter voltage at high effi ciency. […]


• 550KHz switching mode charger for 1 – 4 cell LiIon or LiPolymer batteries

• Supports fast charge mode

• Wake up charging function for discharged batteries

• Built-in charge termination function

• Internal safety timer for charger

• 92% effi ciency

• Automatic battery recharge

• 1% constant voltage accuracy

• Charge status indication by LED

• Battery absence detection

OZ522 Datasheet

OZ522 pdf

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