OZ964 PDF – Phase-Shift PWM Controller

Part Number: OZ964

Function: Phase-Shift PWM Controller

Package: DIP, SSOP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: O2Micro


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OZ964 Change Summary Controlled Recipient #101461 printed on 10/25/2004. Updates will be provided to registered recipients. CHANGES No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Applicable Section Title Ordering Information General Description Functional Block Diagram Description Reference Application Circuit Package information Throughout data sheet Description Change the title to read ‘Phase-Shift PWM Controller’ Add OZ964GN, OZ964IG, OZ964IGN, OZ964D & OZ964DN st Add 1 paragraph ‘OZ964 is a high…LCD.’ Add 1 paragraph 1 sentence ‘Specific DC/CD…’ Add DC/DC Reference Application Circuit Correct 20 Pin SOIC 300mil drawing Miscellaneous corrections st st Page(s) 1 1 1 5 10 12 — REVISION HISTORY Revision No. 0.95 0.96 Description of change Initial Release 1. Ordering information: add OZ964SN & OZ964ISN. 2. Pin


modified pin description of CTIMR, DIM. 3. Electrical Characteristics: revise a) ‘Nominal Voltage’ Typ limit, b) ‘Normal Operating Frequency’ Typ limit, c) ‘Ramp Peak’ Typ limit, d) ‘Operating Frequency’ Typ limit, e) ‘Negative-Going Threshold Voltage’ Max limit, f) ‘SST Current’ Typ limit, g) ‘CTIMR Current 1’ Typ limit, h) ‘Protection Release Threshold’ Typ limit, i) ‘PDR_A/ PDR_C’ Typ`limit, j) ‘Enable’ Min limit, k) ‘NDR_B/ NDR_D’ Typ limit, l) ‘BBM Time Between PDR and NDR’ Typ limit, m) ‘Minimum Overlap’ Typ limit. 4. Simplified Functional Block Diagram. 5. Modified formula in No. 4 Ignition & No. 5 Normal Operation in Functional Information. 6. Revise Application Circuit. 7. Miscellaneous corrections. 1. Electrical Characteristics: a) Fill in Min & Max limits of all parameters b) Correct ‘SST Protection Release Threshold’ Typ limit. 2. Application Circuit: Correct a) C10 to 6.8n, b) T1 to 28:2200. 3. Miscellaneous corrections. 1. Footer: Add patent number 6,259,615 2. Application circuit: a.) Delete R3, R7, R6 & R11. b) Change R9 value from 45.3k to 47K Release Date 1/13/2004 3/19/2004 1.0 4/5/2004 1.1 7/29/2004 09/03/04 Copyright  2004 by O2Micro OZ964-DS-1.2 All Rights Reserved Page 0 U.S. Patent No. 6,259,615 CONFIDENTIAL OZ964 Phase-Shift PWM Controller Controlled Recipient #101461 printed on 10/25/2004. Updates will be provided to registered recipients. Features • Controller for high-voltage DC/DC and DC/AC converters High efficiency, zero-voltage switching Supports wide input voltage range Constant operating frequency Built-in PWM dimming control with wide dimming range Soft start function Built-in intelligence for ignition and normal operation of CCFLs Built-in open-lamp protection and overvoltage protection Shutdown delay for input voltage brownout condition Built-in under-voltage lockout protection Toggle pin to reset the IC after shutdown Low stand-by power OZ964 operates in a zero-voltage switching mode that minimizes electromagnetic interference (EMI). In addition, […]

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