OZ9910ASN PDF Datasheet – Dual Forward PWM Controller

Part Number: OZ9910ASN

Function: Dual Forward PWM Controller

Package: SSOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: O2 Micro


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The OZ9910ASN is a high-efficiency pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller designed for both
DC/DC and DC/AC high voltage applications. Devices such as magnetrons and traveling wave
tubes (TWT) require a bias voltage up to several thousand Volts DC and Cold Cathode Fluorescent
Lamp (CCFL) requires several hundred to thousand Volts AC to operate. The OZ9910, dual forward PWM controller, is optimized for such applications

Pin Description Recommended Operating Range 4 Electrical Characteristics 4-5 5 6 Functional Information Throughout data sheet 8 — REVISION HISTORY Revision No. 0.97 Description of change 1. Ordering information: Add GN, SN, IS, ISN, D & DN packages; 2. Electrical Characteristics: b. Change High Frequency Oscillator, Normal Operating Frequency Typ value fm 56 to 62; c. Change High Frequency Oscillator, Ramp Valley Typ value fm 7 to 100; d. Change Low Frequency Oscillator, ‘Operating Frequency’ Typ value fm 200 to 187; e. Change Low Frequency Oscillator, Ramp Valley fm 84.9 to 110; f. Add ‘Analog Dimming Range’ parameter; g. Add ‘ISEN Reference Voltage’ & ‘VSEN Reference Voltage’ symbols; h. Change Supply, HSB voltage Typ value fm 7 to Vin-5; i. Change Max./Min. Overlap, Max Overlap between diagonal switches Typ value fm 94.5 to 95; j. Change Threshold, Vin Under Voltage Lock Out Threshold Min. Value fm 5.8 to 5.95, Max fm 5.4 to 4.95; k. Change Timer, Over Voltage Protection Timer Typ value fm 50 to 15; 3. Others. 1. Ordering Information: Add OZ9910ASNS 16 pin-SSOP package; 2. Recommended Operating Range: Add OZ9910ASNS 16 pin-SSOP thermal impedance; 3. Electrical Characteristics: a) Add general test conditions before “High Frequency Oscillator” ;b) Normal operating frequency: delete test conditions; correct Typ limit to 56; c) Striking frequency: delete test conditions; correct Typ l […]

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OZ9910ASN Datasheet