OZ9939GN PDF Datasheet – LCDM Inverter Controller

Part Number: OZ9939, OZ9939GN

Function: LCDM Inverter Controller

Package: SOIC 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: O2Micro


2 page


The control logic provides a regulated ignition voltage and appropriate protection features for over-voltage or over-current conditions. The OZ9939 offers a high level of integration, while maintaining flexibility and high-efficiency operation that reduces external component heating, resulting in higher reliability and longer CCFL life. The proprietary design technique provides a simple, low-cost system solution.

OZ9939 Change Summary CHANGES Controlled Recipient #106805 printed on 3/6/2006. Updates will be provided to registered recipients. No. 1. Applicable Section Electrical Characteristics Description Updated limits for Protection Release Threshold Page(s) 3 REVISION HISTORY Revision No. 0.6 0.65 Description of change Initial release 1. Electrical Characteristics: a. Modify general test conditions in line 1; b. Modify ‘Driver Frequency – Striking & Normal Operation’ Typ limit; c. Modify ‘PWM Dimming Control – LCT frequency’, 2. Reference Application Circuit: Modify C14, C9 & R9 values Ordering Information: Add OZ9939G, IG, D & DN. Recommended Operating Range: 1. Add ‘Dimming Range’; 2. Fill in ‘Thermal Impedance’. Electrical Characteristics: 1. Update ‘Supply Current’ limits; 2. Update ‘Soft Start’ limits; 3. Update ‘Under Voltage Lockout’ limits; 4. Update ‘Reference Voltage’ limits; 5. Update ‘Driver Frequency’ limits; 6. Update ‘Timer & Protection’ limits; 6. Update ‘Drivers’ parameter name & limits; 7. Update ‘PWM Dimming Control’ limits; 8. Delete ‘Analog Dimming Control’. Function


Update formula in NO. 4 Ignition, No. 6 Normal Operation & No. 9 Dimming Control. Package Information: Add DIP package drawing. Throughout datasheet: Miscellaneous changes. Release Date 5/12/2005 6/27/2005 1.0 9/21/2005 10/27/2005 OZ9939-DS-1.1 Copyright © 2005 by O2Micro All Rights Reserved Patent#6,559,606, #6,856,519 & #6,809,93800 Page 0 CONFIDENTIAL OZ9939 Controlled Recipient #106805 printed on 3/6/2006. Updates will be provided to registered recipients. Features Negative PWM dimming polarity Constant operating frequency Drives positive/negative-impedance lamps during ignition High drive current for external MOSFETs User-defined ignition time and shutdown delay time Multiple mode dimming control Built-in intelligence for ignition and normal operation of CCFLs Built-in open-lamp protection and overvoltage protection for backlight system Optimized soft-start function LCDM Inverter Controller.  PIN DIAGRAM ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number OZ9939G OZ9939GN OZ9939IG OZ9939IGN OZ9939D OZ9939DN Temp Range o o -20 C to 85 C o o -20 C to 85 C o o -40 C to 85 C o o -40 C to 85 C o o -20 C to 85 C Package 16-pin SOIC 16-pin SOIC Lead-Free 16-pin SOIC 16-pin SOIC Lead-Free 16-pin DIP 16-pin DIP Lead-Free -20 C to 85 C o o GENERAL Description The OZ9939 is a high performance, cost-effective CCFL (Cold Cat […]


OZ9939GN Datasheet