P10N60 PDF Datasheet – 600V, 10A, IGBT ( SGP10N60 )

Part Number: P10N60, SGP10N60

Function: 600V, 10A, IGBT in NPT-technology

Package: TO-220AB, TO-263AB, TO-247AC Type

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies Corporation


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P10N60 image


The P10N60 is Fast S-IGBT in NPT-technology.


• 75% lower Eoff compared to previous generation combined with low conduction losses

• Short circuit withstand time – 10 µs

• Designed for: – Motor controls – Inverter

• NPT-Technology for 600V applications offers:

– very tight parameter distribution

– high ruggedness, temperature stable behaviour

– parallel switching capability [ … ]

Other data sheets are available within the file: SGP10N60 SGB10N60, SGW10N60

P10N60 Datasheet

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