P55NF06 PDF Datasheet – 60V, 50A, N-Ch, MOSFET, STP55NF06

Part Number: P55NF06, STP55NF06

Function: N-channel 60V, 50A, MOSFET

Package: TO-220, D2PAK, TO-220FP Tye

Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics


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P55NF06 pdf datasheet


P55NF06 is N-channel 60 V, 0.015 Ω, 50 A STripFET Power MOSFET.

An N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) is a type of MOSFET that is commonly used in electronic circuits for switching and amplification. It is called an enhancement mode MOSFET because its operation is enhanced by the presence of an external voltage.

In an N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET, the conductive channel is formed by applying a positive voltage to the gate terminal, which creates an electric field that attracts negatively charged electrons from the source region to the channel region. This increases the conductivity of the channel and allows current to flow between the source and drain terminals.

These Power MOSFETs have been developed using STMicroelectronics’ unique STripFET process, which is specifically designed to minimize input capacitance and gate charge. This renders the devices suitable for use as primary switch in advanced high-efficiency isolated DCDC converters for telecom and computer applications, and applications with low gate charge driving requirements

P55NF06 mosfet equivalent


1. 100% avalanche tested

2. Exceptional dv/dt capability



1. Switching application


P55NF06 Datasheet PDF

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