PCF0700P/051 PDF – CMOS Gate Arrays, DIP 40, Philips

Part Number: PCF0700P/051

Function: CMOS Gate Arrays

Package: DIP 40 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Mullard, Philips


PCF0700P-051 pdf datasheet


The PCF0700P/051 gate array family offers the circuit designer the facility to create a semi-coustom circuit with a unique set of CAD ( Computer-Aided Design ) tools in a well established CMOS process.

The basis for the design procedure is formed by a logic network description, which outlines the required logic in terms of basic functions. A simulation control language offers the ability to verify the logic, simulate it with the actual propagation delay times and generate the test patterns.


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1. Fast development time

2. Low-power CMOS technology

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PCF0700P/051 Datasheet