PCF7931 PDF Datasheet – Programmable Transponder

Part Number: PCF7931, PCF7930 Thru PCF7935

Function: Programmable Transponder

Package: SOT385, PLLMC Type

Manufacturer: Philips, NXP Semiconductor




The PCF7931 is a high-specification “Programmable Identification Transponder” (PIT) which transmils data bidrectionally, in half duplex mode, between base station and transponder.

Data are stored in the transponder in a non-volatile memory ( EEPROM ). It derives its power from the magnetic component of the RF signal generated by the base station.



1. Identification Transponder for use in contactless applications

2. Programmable read only operation

3. Periodically data read out during READ MODE

4. Data transmission and supply energy via RF link

5. Write protection



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PCF7931 Datasheet

PCF7931 pdf