PCF7941 PDF – Security Transponder and RISC Controller

Part Number: PCF7941

Function: Security Transponder and RISC Controller

Package: SO 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Philips Semiconductor


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The PCF7941 is a single chip high performance Security Transponder and Keyless Entry controller, ideally suited for vehicle immobilizer applications that incorporate keyless entry functions.

The transponder circuitry is compatible with the Security Transponder PCF7936AS, for use in mixed systems that employ a STARC and a standard Security Transponder, PCF7936AS, at the same time.



1. Compatible with Security Transponder, PCF7936AS.
2. RISC Programmable Keyless Entry features
3. 384 Bit EEPROM

Transponder :

1. 64/32 bit mutual authentication calculation unit
2. 32 bit unique device identification number
3. 48 bit Secre t Key
4. Fast mutual authentication (39 ms)
5. EEPROM read/write protection capability


RISC Controller :

1. Advanced 8-bit RISC architecture
2. 4 Kbyte ROM, 64 Byte RAM
3. On-chip RC oscillator ( < ±10%)
4. Short instruction execution time (as fast as 1ms)



PCF7941 Datasheet PDF