PM9102AP PDF Datasheet – Power / Energy Metering Module

Part Number: PM9102AP

Function: Single Phase Power / Energy Metering Module

Manufacturer: Sames ( South African Micro Electronic Systems )

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The SAMES single phase power/energy metering module, the PM9102AP, provides two pulse rate output options, the frequency of which are proportional to the active power consumption.

Energy consumption is determined by the power measurement being integrated over
time. The method of calculation takes the power factor into account. The output of this innovative universal power/energy metering circuit is ideally suited for energy calculations in applications using a µ-controller or mechanical counter.

The application utilises the SAMES SA9102CP, SA9102FP, SA9102HP, SA9602EP
(DIP-20), SA9602HP (DIP-20) or SA9602MP power metering integrated circuits for
power measurement. As a safety measure, this application shows the current sensor connected to the neutral line. In practice, the live line may be used for current sensing, provided that the supply
connections (MAINS) are reversed on the module.


1. Performs both power and energy measurement

2. Meets the accuracy requirements for Class 1 AC Watt hour meters

3. Protected against ESD

4. Total power consumption rating below 500mW (excluding current sensing)

5. Uses a shunt resistor for current sensing

6. Operates over a wide temperature range

PM9102AP pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: PM9102APA, PM9102APE

PM9102AP PDF Datasheet

PM9102AP pdf

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