PPN13KA11C PDF Datasheet – Minebea DC Motor

Part Number: PPN13KA11C

Function: Minebea DC Motor

Manufacturer: NMB-MAT

Images:PPN13KA11C pdf datasheet motor


PPN13KA11C is DC Motor. A DC (Direct Current) motor is an electromechanical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical motion. It operates using direct current, where the flow of electric charge is constant and flows in one direction. DC motors are widely used in various applications due to their simplicity, control characteristics, and versatility.

Types of DC Motors:

1. Brushed DC Motors: These motors have brushes and a commutator, which are used to switch the direction of current flow in the coils and maintain continuous rotation. They are simple and widely used in various applications.

2. Brushless DC Motors (BLDC): BLDC motors have no brushes or commutators. Instead, they use electronic commutation through sensors or sensorless methods. They offer longer life, higher efficiency, and smoother operation.

3. Coreless DC Motors: These motors have a coreless rotor design, providing high acceleration and efficient operation at low speeds.


1. Automotive: Window lifts, wipers, fans, and various actuators.

2. Industrial: Conveyors, pumps, fans, machine tools, and robotics.

3. Consumer Electronics: Appliances, toys, cameras, and audio equipment.

4. Aerospace: Actuators, servo systems, and control surfaces in aircraft.


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PPN13KA11C PDF Datasheet