QCA100A40 PDF Manual – 400V, 100A, Transistor Module

Part Number: QCA100A40

Function: 400V, 100A, Transistor Module

Manufacturer: SanRex Corporation

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The QCA100A40 is 400V, 100A, Darlington transistor module.

QCA100A and QBB100A is a dual Darlington power transistor modules with two high speed, high power Darlington transistors. Each transistor has a reverse paralleled fast recovery diode.

Darlington transistors are a type of bipolar junction transistor that provide high current gain and low saturation voltage. By combining two Darlington transistors in a single package, a dual Darlington power transistor provides even higher current gain and lower saturation voltage than a single Darlington transistor.

Dual Darlington power transistors typically have three leads: a base lead, a collector lead, and an emitter lead for each of the two Darlington transistors. They may also have additional leads for connecting to heat sinks or other components.


1. QCA100A…Series-connected type

2. QBB100A…Separate Type

3. IC=100A, VCEX=400/600V

4. Low saturation voltage for higher efficiency.

5. Isolated mounting base

6. VEBO 10V for faster switching speed.


1.Motor Control(VVVF), AC/DC Servo, UPS

2. Switching Power Supply, Ultrasonic Application

QCA100A40 datasheet sanrex

Other data sheets are available within the file: QCA100A60, QBB100A40, QBB100A60

QCA100A40 Datasheet PDF